Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad Dream

That was a strange feeling, like my body
was filled with an unknown liquid, and it
was somewhat like sadness.

Mixed Media on Masonite Board 18.5" X 24"


ToneCapone said...

Asong! dood, i HELLA like this piece. its got alot of style to it.

Ry guy said...

it's really a nice one, Al pal. There are really some subtle disturbing touches.. like those leech type things in the pond and his albinoesque body. gew..

demhar said...

great job as always Allen.
so sad Allen so sad ; ;
<3 the pink dream controller on the bottom!
Needz more pink devils!!!!

carissa said...

really like the story behind this painting..especially the valentine thingy! lol
great job, always loved your color scheme!

Joe said...

dude really great painting, it carries a deep mood to it.

Ying.Chen said...

I really like the mood to this, its really touching, yet sad... It's a more subtle creepy.

Konstantin Pogorelov said...

Wow you busted through it pretty quick and it came out great too !