Friday, November 9, 2007

Lost Fairy

Cece the fairy wandered outside of her village into a
strange abandoned city. There was nothing to do
there. Nothing to eat and no one to talk to. She decided
to head back to her village, but found that the ink on
her map had bled due her extremely sweaty hands,
which made it unreadable.

Now, she will have to starve to death.


tripleeyelids said...

you are quite a storyteller XD
interesting color-schemes you've got there

Ry guy said...

It's great how you have a different scheme for each painting. The high key works here! and the story is quite dour. But, Se la vie. That looks like a fun fun class. Rock on Mr. Song.

demhar said...

Allen and his cute little girls~
lookin good- :|~

Jelter said...

nice. i love the story.